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We had the chance to interview Laura, one of our earliest supporters, about her incredible Yorkie-filled family and get her stance on pet nutrition.

the yorkie five

Originally from New York, Laura has lived in San Diego for 14 years.  She’s CPA by trade but when she’s not crunching numbers she can be found on the trails, at the beach or exploring the great outdoors. She’s one of EntoBento’s early family members from our Kickstarter in December. Laura has five yorkies, hence the name of their crew: The Yorkie Five.



Liberty is Sparky’s little twin sister. She was born on the 4th of July and is going to be 6 years old this year. She loves her belly rubs. “She does not like farts and it is funny to see her run away if you make that noise.”, Laura said.

Rebel is almost 9 years old, the eldest of the bunch. He loves his toy squirrel and, like his mom, is an avid beach goer. It’s possible that he’s the father of Liberty,Sparky and Rocky, “although he won’t admit to anything”, Laura said.

Rocky is the youngest of the lot and will be 5 years old in July. He thinks he is a big dog and is always protecting, but as his name implies he has his shares of injuries. Nonetheless, he does have a softer side and loves to cuddle.

Sparky, like his twin sister Liberty, was also born on the 4th of July. He’s deaf, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun. He’s like a big kid. He loves to make people happy and roll on his back or jump into people’s arms.

Diva just turned 8 in March and is the mother of Liberty, Sparky and Rocky.  “As the name implies she does what she wants when she wants, she loves all food and her belly rubs.” Laura said.



I only want the best for my pets. I only feed them the best. When they were having the pet food recalls my dogs had been at the vet for stomach issues (and this was supposedly good food!).  Also two of my dogs that have allergies and it is hard for me to see this happen to them. Now I only feed them food I can trust as I read the ingredients. I want them to live long lives as they bring me much joy and love.” Laura said.



“I backed EntoBento because of the ingredients. Crickets seem to be a sustainable product and they seem to like insects. Also the product is grain-free.”

The Yorkie Five recently made their Facebook debut! Click here to see pictures, videos, nutrition and follow some genuine Yorkie fun!


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    They are so cute, we just love our yorkies http://moringayorkieterriers.com

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