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Lindsay LaShell is a San Diego native and up-and-coming entrepreneur in our digital marketing world. She’s the proud owner of the one-year-old digital marketing agency, Diamond & Branch, and the even prouder owner of her eight year old dog Waffles.



Met Waffles at a house party when he was 8 months old. His owner at the time had many dogs and saw that Waffles and Lindsay had a special connection.  He offered to have Lindsay adopt Waffles but the very next day Lindsay was going to the UK to visit her sister. Lindsay fell in love with Scotland and decided to live there.  After maxing out her visa, she moved back to San Diego and as fate would have it, three years later ends up at the same house for a Christmas party.  Waffles was still there and the owner’s offer still stood with Lindsay. Lindsay agreed, immediately moved to a dog friendly apartment and took in Waffles.  


Now an 8 year old, he’s a mix of many breeds.  Like his owner, Waffles is an avid learner.  He’s clicker trained with a repertoire of tricks and is highly responsive to his name being called.

Waffles at work, been a part of the agency at the beginning especially on social media. As people go in and out of the office he always greets them with a gracious hello and goodbye, which bodes well for the business’ commitment to customer experience.


“The sustainability message behind Entobento is what originally got me fired up about the product,” Lindsay said. Lindsay started her own personal green movement years ago. Her strategy was to start with one small thing, commit to it, and build from there. Her first initiative was to not use any paper or plastic when grocery shopping. There were even times when she forgot her tote bag, that she would drive home and get it.

Starting on New Years day 2016 she vowed to give up beef until the California drought is over (for those who didn’t know, 1 pound of beef required 2,000 gallons of water to produce! That’s equal to how much water you drink in 11 years!). She recommends that everyone try to take their own small green initiative and spread the word.


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