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A Healthy Dog is A Happy Dog!

happy dog on a swingIt's certainly important to choose a dog treat that caters to the specific needs of your dog and the risk factors for his or her particular breed, but no matter what kind of pup you have steer clear of these five ingredients.


Ethoxyquin - a preservative originally developed as an herbicide to control scald on pears after harvest that's been linked to kidney and liver damage and cancer. Sadly, it's an approved additive in the US but the Australians and Europeans do not permit it.

Propylene Glycol - one of the ingredients of anti-freeze and formerly included in Fireball whiskey until recalled two years ago is used to reduce moisture and prevent bacteria growth in dog food, but has been linked to a variety of digestive and intestinal problems.

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) - a general rule of thumb is to at least research the ingredients you can barely read or pronounce, but these two tongue twister preservatives have been linked to cancer in both dogs and humans.

Corn syrup and Corn - both a sweetner and inexpensive filler, this ingredient that's been linked to weight gain and diabetes

By-Product - any part of an animal that doesn't include muscle meat. Generically listed "by-product" or "meat by-product meal" which may include fat tissue or even tumors are the bad ingredients. However, it's important to note that organ meat and bone have lots of essential vitamins and minerals, so if the treat specifies the organs used, like lungs or kidneys, instead of  then you can be confident in the quality/nutritional value.


EntoBento is a new type of dog treat, but are dedicated to delivering a nutritious treat along with premium health and nutrition content to support the well being of our best furry friends.

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