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Most of us know the importance of protein in a healthy diet. But, did you know that not all protein sources contain the essential amino acids that dogs require? If your answer is no, don’t feel bad. Neither did we.

As soon as food enters the stomach, the stomach and the intestines wake up and get ready for a day's work. Enzymes begin to break down the protein structures into basic units called amino acids. Amino acids are important because they move and store vital nutrients that bodies need. These amino acids help with healing wounds and repairing muscle tissue. Wait, it doesn’t stop there. Amino acids also help repair bone, skin, and hair tissue as well. This is why it plays a key role in keeping our dogs healthy and beautiful.

There are 20 amino acids that dog needs to stay happy and healthy. Amazingly, their own body can produce 10 of these naturally.  But that leaves us with the responsibility of making sure they get the other 10. This is why they are called “essential amino acids”. Essential amino acids are not produced by their body and must be supplemented in their food.  The 10 essential amino acids are: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. Knowing the names is not important but knowing what the protein source contains, is important.  Not all sources of protein contain these essential amino acids. Even though you feed your dog a high protein diet, they may still be missing those important nutrients their body needs.



Notice anything? Aside from crickets possibly giving you an initial icky feeling, cricket protein contains higher amino acids (more than double) than most of the popular animal proteins per 100g serving. It might come as a surprise to that 80 percent of world’s countries use insects as part of their daily diet. The reason is simple. Their availability and their outstanding nutritional profile.


Ensuring our pets receive these essential amino acids is the first step to a long healthy and happy life. If you are looking for a healthy treat or supplement for your dog, EntoBento is the perfect choice. We use simple ingredients that you can pronounce and trust including crickets. Try our treats risk free. If doggo does not like them, just tell us and we will gladly refund your purchase. Guaranteed.


  • Posted On December 18, 2017 by Michelle Obama

    My dog likes crickets more that I do.

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