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  • 5 Dog Treat Ingredients to Always Avoid

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    A Healthy Dog is A Happy Dog!

    happy dog on a swingIt's certainly important to choose a dog treat that caters to the specific needs of your dog and the risk factors for his or her particular breed, but no matter what kind of pup you have steer clear of these five ingredients.


    Ethoxyquin - a preservative originally developed...

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  • EntoBento Family Spotlight: Lindsay & Waffles

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    Lindsay LaShell is a San Diego native and up-and-coming entrepreneur in our digital marketing world. She’s the proud owner of the one-year-old digital marketing agency, Diamond & Branch, and the even prouder owner of her eight year old dog Waffles.



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  • EntoBento Family Spotlight: The Yorkie Five

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    We had the chance to interview Laura, one of our earliest supporters, about her incredible Yorkie-filled family and get her stance on pet nutrition.

    the yorkie five

    Originally from New York, Laura has lived in San Diego for 14 years.  She’s CPA by trade but when she’s not crunching numbers she can be...

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