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EntoBento is a hot new dog treat made in San Diego. We pack our treats with the healthiest ingredients and a trending novel protein for dogs: cricket protein! We’ve been featured in Forbes, FastCompany, CNET and PetGuide.com.

Crickets are packed with protein and amino acids, sustainable and eco-friendly, but did you also know that they’re great for dogs that have food allergies or intolerances to proteins like beef, soy or chicken? ...Yep, turns out crickets are actually pretty cool.


If you have a dog themed website or blog, you can be part of EntoBento's Healthy Dog Lovers Affiliate Club. You’ll earn some cash too!

We pay commission on validated sales that you drive to our site. We pay a 10% rate of commission on sales. Please see our terms and condition or contact us for further details.

Upon acceptance into our affiliate club, you'll be welcomed with two free bags of treats and an EntoBento tote bag via mail.


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