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Nutrition Comparison...

For cooked proteins

Type Protein Fat Calcium Iron Vitamin B-12 Omega-3

ingredients More Nutritious

3x more protein than beef
Our cricket powder has 63g of protein while beef has only 19g (based on a 100g serving).
It's a leaner protein
Beef has 19g of both protein and fat, while our cricket powder has 63g of protein and 19g of fat (based on a 100g serving).
2x more iron than beef
Iron helps keep red blood cell count up and prevents anemia.
High in Omega-3 fatty acids
Research shows Omega-3 play an important role with skin health, coat health, joint health and controlling of inflammation.

ingredients More Sustainable

1lb of crickets requires only 1 gallon of water.
Did you know it requires 2,000 gallons of water to produce only 1lb of beef? That's like drinking 32,000 glasses of water! Crickets are drought friendly.
Crickets produce 80% less methane than cattle.
Methane is the primary component of natural gas, accounting for 16% of all greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities. Initiatives to reduce methane can rapidly reduce global warming potential.
Crickets require only 10% of the space that cattle needs.
It takes about 134 square feet to produce 1lb of crickets compared to 1,345 square feet for 1lb of beef. About 30% of the world's land is used for lifestock. This is a concern as our world population expects to reach 10 billion in 2050.

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